I designed a display shelf to be put in the international room of my high school for the purpose of advertising and displaying brochures.
With this, I took inspiration from Koru, to represent New Zealand.

I created a model for the brochure display shelf I designed for high school Level 3 Product Design to get a good image of the aesthetic and functionality in real life. I started with a foam and cardboard model, then went on using actual materials planned to be used for my actual product, which are plywood, dowels, and clear perspex. I decided to make the shelves out of clear perspex, for easier access to the brochures as it is easier to see inside. The idea of a rotational shelf came from my foam/cardboard model, which I developed further with the second model, finding that the dowels can go across the shelf to bring a minimal yet aesthetically pleasing look. This design still keeps the minimalist, natural aspect that continues from my Level 2 Construction shelf, yet more unique and organic shaped, linking more towards my inspiration of shapes that nature creates.

Foam board model

Size: 6 cm by 6cm base,15cm height
Material: foam board, cardboard

Wood mode

Size: 25cm by 25cm base, 40cm height
Material: 12mm plywood, dowel, clear perspex