Modern Retreat

My first attempt in designing a house concept.

I developed the shapes of the chosen idea, inspiration taken from flower petals.

Four sketches done on A3 paper with pencil/fine liner.
It reflects my ideation inspiration of cherry blossom and lupine flower petals, as well as the structure representing trees.

As a part of the Modern Retreat concept, I took inspiration from two different flowers and their shapes to ideate and develop into a house design. Cherry Blossom was one inspiration, as I have an emotional attachment to Japan. Lupine flower was used as another inspiration, since I remember the view of the Lupine flowers blooming with Lake Tekapo as the backdrop when we visited New Zealand back in 2016. To cultivate the idea of ‘home’, the Modern Retreat concept is inspired by my own attachment to the places I feel the most at home.

Being inspired by shapes of flower petals and trees, focusing on the issue of natural disasters to find a way for us to live together with nature.